Friday, December 01, 2006

Attak: Zombies (1983)

Inspired by Blitz's "All Out Attack" 45 guitarist/vocalist Gary Basnett, drummer Lindsay McLennan and bassist Chad Chadwick formed ATTAK in early 1981 in New Mills. Cheshire at the time a hot bed for Oi/Punk activity as it was also home of THE VIOLATORS and BLITZ. By constantly pestering No Future Records with copies of their demo ATTAK managed to get onto volume 1 of "The Country Fit For Heroes" compilation 12" which showcased new unsigned Punk talent. The bands "Blue Patrol" track was received well enough for No Future to ofter the band a three single, one LP deal in July '82.
1. Daga I
2. Daga II
3. This is The Time
4. Play the Ace
5. See You In Hell
6. Big Brother
7. Zombies
8. Demon
9. Trail of Terror
10. Face the Slayer
11. Yound and Proud
12. Wild Thing
13. Blue Patrol
14. Today's Generation
15. Hell
16. No Escape
17. Murder in the Subway
18. Future Dreams
19. Big Brother (Oi! LP Version)
Label: No Future
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rebelrebel said...

AHHH! Great album Nagi! Thanks once again for your greatest posts!

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Slobodan Burgher said...

cheers its a killer!