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Art Attacks: I Am A Dalek / Neutron Bomb 7" (1978) - UK

Formed by Edwin Pouncey & Steve Spear, two students from The London Royal College Of Art, The Art Attacks lasted roughly from April 77 to March 1978. For initial rehearsals and demo Rick Slaughter was on drums (played on Punk Rock Stars and was later in The Motors) and Rob Smith on bass (ex Snakes). For a time Robert Gotobed was on drums (later Wire) and played on the track Rat City. The band eventually became:
Edwin Pouncey (aka Savage Pencil) - Vocals.
M.S - Bass. Steve Spear- Guitar. JD Haney - Drums (Later Monochrome Set)
M.S. was Marion Fudger ex of The Derelicts and writer for feminist mag Spare Rib. She was so embarrassed to be in the band she went under the name M.S. Edwin contributed the cartoon Rock'n' Roll Zoo to Sounds which meant The Art Attacks got a fair bit of Sounds. When the stripper girlfriend of the owner of Albatross records decided to shake her booty at their gig at the Marquee complete with whip they got even more press! Much to Marion's further embarrassment as they mistakenly thought the stripper was her! Two singles: I am a Dalek/Neutron Bomb (1978 Albatross) described succinctly by the New Musical Express as "The musical imagination of half a protozoon" 13.5.78 and Punk Rock Stars/Rat City (1979 Fresh). The latter was released after the band split up. Both singles are fantastic and superb punk rock.
They also featured on the Live At The Vortex album with Frankenstein's Heartbeat and Animal Bondage and on the excellent Streets compilation with Arabs in Arrods. They got on the latter through their manager knowing The Lurkers who also appear on the album . Edwin also did the artwork for The Streets album and The Lurkers Freak Show single.
The Art Attacks were a clever and funny band who, despite tours supporting bands like The Motors, Generation X and 999, got nowhere. When Pouncey left in '78 to finish his degree it was the end of the band. The plan was for each member to start a new band each called the Art Attacks. This never happened ! Instead they recorded a single as The Tagmemics in 1980 and played one gig supporting The Monochrome Set in 1979 before finally calling it a day.
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1. I am a Dalek
2. Neutron Bomb
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