Friday, December 29, 2006

!Action Pact!: Mercury Theatre & Survival of the Fattest (2005)

One of the more abrasive early-'80s British punk-pop groups, thanks in large part to the siren shrieks of lead vocalist George Cheex (actually a female), !Action Pact! released only two albums before being cast to the winds during the decline of outrageous punk bands during the mid-'80s. The group was originally formed as the Bad Samaritans, which, when re-formed in 1981, included vocalist Cheex, bassist Kim Igoe (a male), guitarist Wild Planet and drummer Joe Fungus. After renaming themselves, the quartet appeared on a split-single released by Fresh Records. Radio One DJ John Peel began playing the tracks, and invited !Action Pact! to record a session at the BBC studios, after which the group released their debut album, Mercury Theatre: On the Air!, on Fall Out Records. The following year's Survival of the Fattest was the band's last, though the American industrial label Cleopatra released a collection in the late '90s. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

1 (Drowning Out The) Big Jets (2:01)
2 Fools Fractions (1:44)
3 Things That Need (1:44)
4 Cowslick Blues (3:13)
5 Double Standards (2:10)
6 Losers (2:10)
7 London Bouncers (Bully Boy Version) (4:20)
8 People (3:16)
9 Currant Bun (3:09)
10 Mindless Aggression (2:19)
11 Blue Blood (2:29)
12 Protest Is Alive (2:15)
13 Mercury Theatre (On the Air Again) (3:48)
14 Open Your Eyes (3:57)
15 Optimism (3:31)
16 Keep It Tickin' Over (2:06)
17 Have Fun (3:56)
18 Up on the Heath (3:44)
19 Johnny Fontaine (4:55)
20 Yet Another Dole Queue Song (2:40)
21 Cocktail Credibility (3:29)
22 Who's to Blame (3:46)
23 Human Beings (4:15)
24 Voice in the Wilderness (5:56)
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Anonymous said...

greetings from greece
thanks for action pact.
Is one of my favourite bands

if you are interested check

La Jirafa de Harina said...

Could you reupload this?

La Jirafa de Harina said...

Is it possible to reupload this?