Sunday, November 26, 2006

VA: The Violence Inherent In The System

This is a 22 CD compilation from NKVD Records. Fbulous European guitar mongering bands.....every track is a killer.

1. Anymore (Ambulances)
2. Sex My Soul on Fire (The Backsliders)
3. Let Me Go (Butchers)
4. Masters of Democracy (Chameleon's Day)
5. Another Gun (City Kids)
6. Song For a Pretty Ass (Dead Allison)
7. Wanna Be (Dirty Hands)
8. Take Me Back (Greenhouse)
9. Love Charging Battery (Jalla Jalla)
10. You Tell Me Lies (Jet Boys)
11. Les Jours Des Fous (Kambrones)
12. Mettamaratoonari (Klamydia)
13. Sometimes Somewhere (Les Maniacs)
14. Bitter Tears (Missing Links)
15. Noise Annoys (Noise Annoys)
16. Surfin' In The Bars (Nomads)
17. Turn On Your TV (Ravin' Seeds)
18. Something's Wrong (Real Cool Killers)
19. Bopalina Bopalina Ow Mow Mow (Rumblers)
20. All Around (Scuba Drivers)
21. Rock Bed and Chocolate (Les Shaking Dolls)
22. Zombie Hop (Wolfmen)
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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad to see somebody digs this compilation - my original idea was to make a series of these, but I got 1500 of these pressed up in 1992 and there are still about 400 of them in my garage 16 years later, so I got convinced pretty quick that this would be a road to bankruptcy. If anyone wants the disc, drop me a line at

By the way, the title is from a Monty Python movie and not some dark, sinister thing...

Steve Gardner