Sunday, November 26, 2006

VA: Santa Cruz Still Sucks!! (1998)

This is a great compilation of Bad MOnkey Records, unfortunately this great label is closed. But the few records that pull out on the market are amazing punk rock works...This albums is out of print and here is your chance to get...
1.body and mined (p.a.w.n.s.)
2.omnivore (gorehounds)
3.lame duck arsenal (good riddance)
4.private party (t.n.t.)
5.emo-core (soda pop fuck you)
6.c.d.s.r. (political silence) peace (fury 66)
8.i only smoke when i'm drunk (slow gherkin)
9.memories fade (the great divide) don't know shit (riff raff)
11.that was me (cheri lovedog)
12.start to finish (reliance) cola (exploding crustaceans)
14.speed (meat pizza sandwich) army (the muggs)
16.perfect girl (peachy envy)
17.old man's dream (buddys riot) mind (lost cause)
19.c.i.c. (the undecided)
20.not friends (junk sick dawn)
21.ripley's first stand (astron)
22.running chicken (thumbs down)
23.bitter (the what-nots)
24.mail lady (the huckstables)
25.diversion (diversion)
26.tom cat (the damones)
** Label = Bad Monkey Records
** pw =
D** Link >>>>

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James Reitano said...

Any chance of re-posing? My old band is on here!