Thursday, November 30, 2006

VA: My Girlfriend Was a Punk (LP)

This is a very rare comilation in Vinyl format. Was launched in the end of 70's and begin of 80's. There's a lot of punk female groups from various countries. Usa, France, Germany, Japan, Uk, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Denmark, Switzerland and Canada are represented on the compilation.
[ songs ]
1. The Lepers (Usa) : Flipout
2. Sick Things (UK): Antisocial Disease
3. Ici Paris (France): Le Centre de Monde
4. Usch (Sweden): Ito
5. Rough Cut (Usa): Danger Boy
6. The Stripes (Germany): Week end Love
7. The Questions (France): Take a Ride
8. Electric Dead (Denmark): 30 Years
9. Glueams (Switzerland): 365
10. Mary Monday (Usa): I Gave My Punk Jacket
11. The Doll (UK): Trash
12. SIB (Italy): No One Rules
13. Joy Rider and Avis Davis (Usa): Nasty Secretary
14. Anouschka Et Les Prives (France): Control
15. Tyranna (Canada): Back Off Baby
16. Sado-Nation (Usa): Mom and Pop Democracy
17. The Reactors (Usa): World War 4
18. Sheena & The Rokkets (Japan): Omae Ga Oshi
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