Friday, November 24, 2006

VA: Homage - A Tribute To The Descendents

Incredible set of covers of this legendary USA punk band, DESCENDENTS. Coolidge Records did a great job on selecting the crew to do the D-songs..amazing set..

1. Moped (Global Probing)
2. Poole (Can't Go Back)
3. Garden Variety (Clean Sheets)
4. Plow United (Bikeage)
5. Inch (Kids)
6. If (Statue Of Liberty)
7. Peepshow (Coolidge)
8. Drew (Hey Hey)
9. Black Train Jack (Catalina)
10. Dooms UK (Sour Grapes)
11. Bouncing Souls (Pervert)
12. Soccer (Christmas Vacation)
13. Jacke and The Stiffs (I'm Not a Loser)
14. Thrust Hermit (Ace)
15. Pavement (It's a Hectic World)
16. Dunebuggy (Good, Good Things)
17. Snowplow (Cheer)
18. Shirk Circus (Jean is Dead)
19. Wally (Get The Time)
20. Frank Phobia and Clem (Kabuki Girl)
21. Bunnygrunt (Silly Girl)
22. PKids (I Don't Wanna Grow Up)
23. Squatweller (Parents I Like Food)
24. Teen Idols (Cameage)
25. Scarab (Green)
26. Tru Zero (Ride The Wild)
27. Parasites (Pep Talk)
28. Melting Hopefuls (I'm Not a Loser)
29. Meatjack (Iceman)
** Label = Coolidge Records
** pw =
D** Link >>>>

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