Sunday, November 26, 2006

Toy Dolls: Singles 1983-1984

Long-lived punk outfit Toy Dolls formed in Sunderland, England, in October of 1979, originally comprising singer Pete Zulu (born Peter Robson), guitarist Olga (Michael Algar), bassist Flip (Philip Dugdale), and drummer Mr. Colin Scott. Within a month, and after just a handful of gigs, Zulu left the group, the first in a seemingly endless number of lineup changes to follow in the coming years; with new frontman HudOlga agreed to assume vocal duties, and the remaining Toy Dolls continued as a trio. By the time the group's debut single, "Tommy Kowey's Car," followed in mid-1980, Mr. Scott had exited the lineup as well, with a procession of drummers filling in before the arrival of Teddy Toy Doll (aka Graham Edmundson) toward the end of the year. A handful of compilation tracks including "She's a Worky Ticket" and "Deirdre's a Slag" (a potshot at Coronation Street star Deirdre Barlow) further cemented Toy Dolls' absurdist leanings, and following the exit of Teddy Toy Doll the group tapped drummer Happy Bob (aka Robert Kent, who had previously teamed with Olga in the Showbiz Kids) as his replacement, issuing a self-financed, self-titled EP in September of 1981.
1. Cheerio and Toodle Pip
2. HO!
3. Alfie from the Bronx
4. Hanky Panky
5. We're Mad
6. Rupert The Bear
7. Dierdre's Slag
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