Monday, November 13, 2006

SKA WARS (4 Compact Disc Set)
Label: Import [Generic]
Year: 1999
Format: 4 CDS SET
Ripped: EAC mp3 (VBR)
Rating: 10
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Budget-priced 1995 release on Castle featuring 210 minutesof ska from the '60s, '70s & '80s. Each of the four CDs have16 tracks. The first three are studio recordings; the lastis a live compilation. Features Bad Manners, Judge Dread,The Selecter, Pauline Black, Special Beat, The Loafers andmany others. Comes packaged as four CDs in standardjewel cases within a slipcase. This really is a great deal. It's 4 16-track discs of killer ska from some classic bands, and at a good price. This is the real deal too, it's not what passes for ska today (Reel Big Fish), but the good stuff from the 70's and 80's. It's the best collection I've seen since the "Max The Dog Says, Do The Ska" album. If you're into groups like "Judge Dread", "The Hotknives", "The Riffs", "Natural Rhythm", and "Bad Manners", then this set was made for you. Also, one of the discs is all live. Reviewer: Heathcliff (vt)
1. Sally Brown-Bad Manners
2. Big 9-Judge Dread
3. On My Radio-The Selector
4. Do The Jerk-Potato 5
5. Dave & Mary-The Hotknives
6. Blind Date-The Riffs
7. Don't You Tell Me-The Volcanoes
8. No-One But You-Arthur Kay & The Originals
9. Follow My Leader-The Loafers
10. Sheila-Burial
11. Skaville UK-King Hammond
12. Bluebeat Suit-Potato 5 And Laurel Aitken
13. Pound To The Dollar-Maroon Town
14. Jesse James-Clubland
15. Shame-Big 5
16. Best Of Both Worlds-The Selector
17. Madness-The Selecter Feat. Prince Buster
18. Skinhead Girl-Bad Manners
19. Julie Julie-The Hotknives
20. Je T'aime-Judge Dread
21. Monday Morning-The Riffs
22. The Fitz-International Beat
23. Our Own Way-Skin Deep
24. Oh-Case
25. Nostalgia-Moroon Town
26. King Hammond Shuffle-King Hammond
27. Blueboat And Ska-Natural Rhythm
28. Dambusters-JJ All Stars
29. Ska Toon Time-The Volcanoes
30. Ska Wars-Arthur Kay
31. I Can See Clearly Now-Pauline Black
32. Big 8-Judge Dread
33. Magical Feeling Listen
34. The Selecter-The Selecter
35. Reburial-Potato 5
36. Return Of The Ugly-Bad Manners
37. Play My Record-Arthur Kay
38. Plastic Gangsters-Plastic Gangsters
39. Rocksteady Party-Potato 5 And Laurel Aitken
40. Melancholy Sally-The Loafers
41. High Flyer-The Originals
42. Don't Go Away-The Hotknnives
43. Come Into My Parlour-Skin Deep
44. These Things-The Riffs
45. Average Man-Maroon Town
46. 007 (Shanty Town)-Natural Rhythm
47. Carnaby Street-The Volcanoes
48. Special Brew (Live)-Bad Manners
49. Rudi Got Married (Live)-Laurel Aitken And The
50. Missing Words (Live)-The Selecter
51. The Undertaker (Live)-The Loafers
52. Hands Off She's Mine (Live)-International Beat
53. Concrete Jungle (Live)-Special Beat
54. Dick Barton (Live)-The Hotknives
55. Rough Rider (Live)-The Selecter Feat. Prince
56. Lorraine (Live)-Bad Manners
57. Stand Down Margaret (Live)-International Beat
58. Too Much Too Young (Live)-Special Beat
59. 3 Minute Hero (Live)-The Selecter
60. W.L.N. (Live)-The Hotknives
61. Walking In The Sunshine (Live)-Bad Manners
62. Mad About You (Live)-Laurel Aitken And The
63. Non Shrewd (Live)-Big 5
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Human Art Tattoo said...

This is a best V.A. Ska Collection

Anonymous said...

..I agree, so far I never heard any VA-disc beating this 1, THANK YOU Nagiants40!!!!!!!!!
Now I don't need the hustle to convert my album to mp3/ Cheers

omar said...

thanks for the links

cheers from Mexico