Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bad Move Space Cadet (1995)
Label: Dr. Strange Recs.
Format: CD
Ripped: EAC mp3 (VBR - HQ)
HHA Rang: 8,0
pw =

A must have for any punkrocker. This was Zoinks first full length album put out by Dr.Strange records. It features their classic cover of the theme song from greatest american hero. And, as with Stranger Anxiety, it features original lead singer Zach. I loved Well and Good, but there was definitely something missing after Zach left the band. Soap Factory and Uma 14 Times and Susy Bright are some of my favorite tracks. BTW, check out Bob Conrad's website,, where you can learn more about Zoinks and his new band PrimaVolta, with zoinks member Rob.
- - kevin d. (Ballston Lake, NY United States) - -
1. astronaut
2. joe vs. the machine
3. uma 14 times
4. soap factory
5. greatest american hero
6. thermalosis
7. classic rock turned me into a psychopathic killer
8. sapsucker sluggo
9. stumpy
10. uninspired
11. susie bright
12. garbage
13. all my grade school friends grew up to be jocks
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