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Strenght Through Diversity (1997)
Label: Sidekicks
Format: CD
Ripped: EAC mp3 (VBR - HQ)
HHA Rating: 10
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The story of WITHIN REACH goes back in the beginning of 1996 when the ex. members and long-time friends of LIFELESS IMAGE (1990-1995, 1 Mcd + a couple of compilations out) and PASSAGE 4 (1992-1996, 1 CD, 2 Cds + numerous compilations out), Magnus Törnkvist (vocals), Jocke Eriksson (drums), Magnus Brolin (bass) and Björn Hahne (guitars) hooked up together for some old school hardcore in the vein of the classic New York-sound. After only a couple of weeks of rehearsing they were offered a slot on the Penalty comp. on Wounded Records. They accepted and recorded 2 songs within 4 hours in Studio Punkpalace w/ Mathias from MILLENCOLIN behind the buttons. At this time WITHIN REACH sucked big time but things got! By the end of spring `96 a self-released CDs entitled "The Light Will Return" was released and at this time some recordlabels showed interest. The new label Sidekicks Records (Burning Heart sublabel) were soon home for WITHIN REACH. Due to drummer Jocke´s success w/ punkrockers PASSAGE 4, WITHIN REACH wasn´t top priority for anyone but since they broke up later that year all efforts went to WITHIN REACH.
In the fall of `96 they entered Studio Underground to record the MCD "Something´s Not Right" (Sidekicks Records/Jabsco 002), followed by shows all over Sweden. The first half of `97 were spent in various studios, recording songs for different compilations (of which none ever came out!) as well as doing weekend gigs w/ the new school heroes BURST. Later that year, the 16-track CD "Strength Through Diversity" (Sidekicks Records/Jabsco 004) was released and got great reviews in magazines and fanzines worldwide. The best comment so far came from german OX which claimed that "if this record came out in the 80´s it would belong to the classics". However their style wasn´t 100% old school any longer as they let their punk, metal and rock´n roll influences shine through.
Just before WITHIN REACH went on a tour to Poland they invited Robin Sundqvist of PASSAGE 4 for extra guitar licks. With some new fresh blood in the band everything started to sound the way it should. The first taste of this "change" can be heard on the 1125/WITHIN REACH split 7" EP (Shing Industry) which includes a cool version of the GERMS classic "Lexicon Devil". In the end of´ `98 the last and best recording for Sidekicks "Reconsider/Reconstruct" (Jabsco 020) got them a crazy tour in Spain. After that Sidekicks and Within Reach came to a mutual agreement (not related to the 'crazy tour' in any way…) and separated in good faith. After some trouble in the band they called it quits in 2001.
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1. Unity Company
2. Values
3. Stealing the Show
4. Strength Through Diversity
5. One Life
6. Defender
7. Through My Mind
8. Retrospect
9. More to See
10. Make It Last
11. Give Back
12. Something Not Right
13. When Were Gone
14. Not Forgiven, Not Forgotten
15. Take Care
16. This Time
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