Sunday, October 29, 2006

No Cause for Concern
Label: Captain Oi! Records
Format: CD
Ripped: EAC mp3 (128kbps)
HHA Rating: 9,0
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A 'proper' CD re-issue of Vice Squad's debut LP which was originally released by EMI in 1981 and which reached No.32 in the UK charts. Now comes complete with 8 bonus tracks including all of the bands recordings for Riot City Records. Deluxe booklet designed and written by Shane and Dave of the band and including lyrics to every song.
Young Blood
| Coward
| Nothing
| Summer Fashion
| 1981
| Saturday Night Special
| Offering
| The Times They Are A Changin
| Evil |
Angry Youth
| It's Sell Out
| Still Dying
| Last Rockers
So What For The 80's | Sterile | Last Rockers (Single Version) | Living On Dreams | Latex Love | Resurrection | Young Blood | Humane (Single Version)
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