Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Label: Horror Business Records
Covers: Yes
Format: CD
Ripped: EAC mp3 (128kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 9,0
pw = hangoverhard.blogspot.com

This is a huge compilation with 35 bands and 35 tracks. The regular set includes 28 tracks and 7 bonus tracks. The majority of bands come from Germany (Horror Business is a German Label). The Import bands are Badtown Boys from USA, 46 Short from USA, Body Bag from Switzerland, Jason from Brasil, Educational Chaos from Holland, Quicknoize from Italy and Dead Lazlo's Place from USA.
1. get ahead (badtown boys)
2. side by side (not enough)
3. marra de cão (jason)
4. loosin' (slup)
5. lebensrezeptur (kafkas)
6. friendz (krombacherkellerkinder)
7. not for me (46short)
8. no one (paranoya)
9. road roller (quicknoize)
10. chip on my shoulder (filibuster)
11. winsome (half pint)
12. fighting a dead man (apathy)
13. hey puppy (nelson)
14. no one's guilty (woof)
15. das ende ist da (for $ale)
16. fight for right (hemp)
17. striving (third degree burn)
18. schweinesabbat (yacopsae)
19. tombstones (turvies)
20. just try (sincerity)
21. skadillac (body bag)
22. down & out (infront)
23. daily does of lies (shirker)
24. heart with strings of steel (dag)
25. vorbei ist vorbei (akute verseuchung)
26. too far (silent pain)
27. seen a face (dead lazlo's place)
28. admission of a x-man (hkk)
29. friendship (skrotum)
30. hands of you (financial freaks)
31. i am (educational chaos)
32. nazi punk (red griffins)
33. whatever it takes (estrich boy)
34. ever leben (die dicken maedchen)
35. da bastardz have landed (gutwrench)
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