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Hypnotized (1980)
Label: Rykodisc
Format: CD
Ripped: mp3 (128kbps - average)
Style: Classic Punk - Pop Punk
HHA Rating: 10
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My tastes in music have been very eclectic, having run the gamut in genres throughout my 25-plus years of collecting music. This LP has always been one of my favorites. I first heard the Undertones "Hypnotised" LP shortly after it was released, having been a instant follower of the group after hearing their self-entitled debut LP. My older sister had both LPs, as she was tuned into punk by a local promoter who would bring punk bands to our area. She saw the Undertones perform locally in about 1979. I believe she told me the second floor nearly caved in from the pogo dancing at the venue. I didn't have to ever go to a concert to get caught up in what these guys were laying down for us. It was almost like punk rock meeting bubble gum music, but there's nothing corny about it. It has a sticky sweet and humorous side to it, but the humor is full of the sarcasm you'd expect from the punk rock movement. The guitar is edgy, fast, loud and the drumming drives the beat forward like any early Clash effort. The tunes are catchy and the lead singer Feargel Sharkey's voice is utterly unique.
"Hypnotised" songs revolve around these Irish boys coming of age. It's a retrospective look back for them. I liken it to taking carousel ride at the neighborhood carnival. All the sites and smells of your youth come back to you in one dizzying moment. It's like getting hit with a bucket of teenage angst and the wonder of it all. The first six tracks on this LP are rock solid. I like "Whizz Kids," "See That Girl," and "There Goes Norman" the most, but it's tough to forget their cover version of "Under The Boardwalk" for me. "Boys Will Be Boys" encapsulates the LP's theme. "My Perfect Cousin" was an instant classic. Best thing about this CD is that they add some bonus singles to the mix that were never released on any of their LPs. "You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It)" is one of my absolute favorite tunes by this band. They just threw it on the CD for good measure. - - by T. Brobst "LedFoot" (Allentown, PA USA) - -
1. More Songs About Chocolate And Girls
2. There Goes Norman
3. Hypnotised
4. See That Girl
5. Whizz Kids
6. Under The Boardwalk
7. The Way Girls Talk
8. Hard Luck
9. My Perfect Cousin
10. Boys Will Be Boys
11. Tearproof
12. Wednesday Week
13. Nine Times Out Of Ten
14. Girls That Don't Talk
15. What's With Terry?
16. You've Got My Number(Why Don't You Use It?)
17. Hard Luck(Again)
18. Let's Talk About Girls
19. Told You So
20. I Don't Wanna See You Again
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