Monday, October 23, 2006

Handheld and Rigidly Digital (1999)
Format: CD
Ripped: EAC mp3 (VBR)
HHA Rating: 10
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I can only say how delighted with it I am. Particularly since it includes some songs which were previously unavailable on CD ('race you to the grave'; 'she grew up', 'drinkin' again') and others which are here recorded live for the first time ('Last train', 'Hope Street', 'You can get it', 'Forensic evidence'). Can I suggest that this trend be continued in future live albums- too often the track listing of SLF live albums is broadly speaking the same from one live album to the next- we all have about 10 live versions of 'Suspect Device' when perhaps we would prefer to have the novelty of a live version of 'Bloody Sunday' or 'Half a Life away'- please think about this guys next time you know you're being recorded.
The new CD includes a well-deserved dedication to Shirley Sexton and is worth buying just for that reason! Another nice thing is the packaging. A group achieving platinum sales would be proud of the packaging here. This is a rarity for SLF- although the first 3 SLF studio albums had good sleeves, only 'Hope Street' has stood out for its artwork since then and SLF fans have been subjected to the worst sleeve design of all time on 'Get a Life'. As if all this wasn't enough reason to buy this new box set you also get a booklet in which Jake Burns explains each of the songs on the Hope Street album. So go on, reach for your credit cards--it's well worth it.
**NOTE - this CD is part of a box set and comes with an extra along qith the DVD...
1. straw dogs
2. wasted life
3. at the edge
4. hope street
5. you can get it (if you really want)
6. drinkin' again
7. harp
8. gotta gettaway
9. last train from the wasteland
10. forensic evidence
11. race you to the grave
12. she grew up
13. tin soldiers
14. all the best
16. doesn't make it alright
17. barbed wire love
18. piccadilly circus
19. roots, radics, rockers and reggae
20. suspect device
21. alternative ulster
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rebelrebel said...

Wow! cansei de SLF!, great band great choice Nag'!, obrigado!