Tuesday, October 03, 2006

When 20 Summers Pass (2000)
Label: Victory Records
Covers: No
Format: mp3 (128kbps - Low quality**)
HHA Rating: 7,0
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I bought this album because its a Victory CD and so I assumed it would be hardcore - which it really is not. The music is more punk pop, with melodies and actual singing. The songs are very good, with lots of catchy hooks and choruses. These guys could sell several million albums if they got on MTV - the tunes are really catchy. What makes them unique is that their music focuses on East Asian philosophy, mostly Buddhism and Hinduism. There is alot of cheese factor here, but it is good. If you want catchy, buy this album. - - Clayton Paulding (DMZ, South Korea) - -
1. When 20 Summers Pass
2. In The Van Again
3. Song Of Brahma
4. Don't Walk Away
5. Public Eye
6. If There's Only Today
7. Loss Disguised As Gain
8. Spirits Blinded
9. Crushing Some One You Love
10. Look Away
11. Killer Of My Dreams
12. I Can't Change History
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