Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Final Performance
Label: Lost & Found
Format: CD (Bootleg)
Ripped: mp3 (160kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 7.0
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Contrary to popular belief, the Gore Story LP put out by Lost & Found (LF 021) is a bootleg. It features some studio tracks without vocals, some tracks from their original demo, some rehearsal tracks, and some live material. It was originally released on Red Vinyl and Green Vinyl in a total quantity of 1000 copies. It was later reissued on Blue Vinyl and Yellow Vinyl. The original version came with a press release insert full of wrong information. It states that Septic Deaths guitarist and bassist quit and members of Metallica and Attitude Adjustment took their place. It also states that James Hetfield played guitar with Septic Death for the last performance. The "Final Performance" CD was also a bootleg release by Lost & Found (LF 283/CD). It consists of the final show live tracks from the "Gore Story" LP. It is only 9 songs and is not the complete final performance.
1. Negative Threat
2. Child
3. Hardware
4. Fear
5. Poison Mask
6. Control
7. Demon Inside Me
8. Quit
9. Insanity
[DoWnLoAd] >>>>

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Anonymous said...

"welcome home beat the wife"
"are you in control of your life"
thanx this band are brilliant ultra fast h.core