Monday, October 30, 2006

Beauf (1991)
Label: Beri Beri Records
Format: CDEP
Ripped: EAC mp3 (192kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 10
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Similar to their early releases, powerful & melodic music. Good stuff, not as routined as their more recent material. [8].
In Deutschland erschienene (mini-)LP der Kalifornier, hier eher noch im "alten" Stil, der nicht gar so routiniert wirkt wie auf ihren neueren Platten. Ausdrucksvoller , bei dem aber auch die Power nicht zu kurz kommt. Gut. This is a very hard to find EP from Samiam, the Beri Beri Records is a record label from Hamburg, Germany.
1. The Last Word
2. Well
3. Conditions
4. At the Bottom
5. Head Trap
6. Too Many Buttons
7. Tired O' Waiting
8. New Queen
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Anonymous said...

This is really good! Thanks

Nivek said...

You rule! I've been looking all over for this EP. Many of the same songs are also on "Billy," but IMHO, these recordings are superior. Thanks again for posting!