Sunday, October 08, 2006

Moving Targets
Format: CD
Ripping: mp3 (160kbps)
HHA Rating: 10
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The only summation one can make of the career of English punks Penetration is, what a disappointment. In 1977, Penetration released a classic chunk of punk rock defiance titled "Don't Dictate." With Pauline Murray's impassioned vocals (sounding a bit like X-Ray Spex's Poly Styrene) leading the way, this was a blazing piece of anti-authoritarian rant: loud, snotty, and proud. Sadly, it was to be the one song they remained best noted for (assuming there are people who still remember Penetration). The problem was that they traded in barely competent but energetic bashing and thrashing for a more "mature" new wave/"punk-ish" rock sound. As a result, their debut LP, Moving Targets, although it has its moments, never lived up to the promise of "Don't Dictate." Still, Pauline Murray was a force to be reckoned with. Easily one of the best singers to come out of English punk rock, she made the band interesting even when the songs weren't there, the production was overwrought, and the whole enterprise was terribly uneven. It was to the surprise of no one that by 1980 she was fronting a new band, the Invisible Girls, who based on Murray's strengths became known as Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls. Still, major success eluded Murray, and she later moved into singing more elegant, mainstream pop/rock, remaining one of England's best unknown singers. - - by John Dougan - -
1. Future Daze
2. Life's a Gamble
3. Lover of Outrage
4. Vision
5. Silent Community
6. Stone Heroes
7. Movement
8. Too Many Friends
9. Reunion
10. NOstalgia
11. Free Money
12. Don't Dictate
13. Money Talks
14. Vip
15. Firing Squad
16. Never
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Thanks a lot for this one, I've only got it on vinyl and consequently haven't heard it in ages...

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dAMN....!!! The file has been deleted, could you repost Penetration Moving Targets?? Please!!!!!!!!!!!

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Any chance of reposting this link.