Sunday, October 29, 2006

Guilty (1993)
Format: EP
Ripped: from Vinyl mp3 (192kbps)
HHA Rating: 10
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We're an anarcho-punk band based in Edinburgh in Scotland. Simply put, we're interested in making rocking punk music that will hopefully make people think and inspire action to make our world a better place. We've been playing together in our current incarnation for over five years now but prior to that the band has been touring and making records continuously since 1981. We're always happy to play benefit fund-raising gigs for good causes and to contribute tracks for similar fund-raising compilation LPs or CDs. We're not interested in the mainstream music business and prefer to organise our releases and tours through the underground DIY punk network. In recent years we've begun to record and release material in the indigenous Celtic language of Scotland, Gaelic (see the blog for more on this). The band name however comes from the ancient Greek phrase "Hoi Polloi" meaning "the mob, the ordinary people, the rabble". This phrase is used in the UK today by upper class rich people when looking down their noses at the ordinary common folk. Back in 1981 it also had a link to a type of hard punk music known as "Oi!" which was characterised by shouted vocals and sing-along crowd choruses of the type that we played at the time and still often favour today. While it later came to attract a certain amount of right-wing idiots, "Oi!" music at this time in Edinburgh just meant good music for ordinary kids that was also about bringing punks and sussed skinheads and other kids together in unity. You'll see a lot of rubbish written on the web about where the term "Oi!" came from but the truth is that it was a term coined by a music journalist from the now defunct music paper "Sounds" and is an exclamation commonly used in East London (where a lot of these bands originally came from) to attract attention as in "Oi you! Listen to me, I've got something to say!". The word originally comes from slang used by the large Jewish community in the East End - the same folk that gave Mosley's fascist blackshirts a bloody nose in the Battle of Cable Street in 1936 - quite appropriate really. Source -
1. guilty
2. break the mould
3. john major fuck you
4. bash the fash
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