Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Brave Noise & Burning in Water (1993)
Label: Taang! Records
Format: CD
Ripped: EAC mp3 (192kbps HQ)
HHA Rating: 10
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The Moving Targets' 1986 album Burning in Water is one of the most devastating underground pop albums ever released. Ken Chambers and co. take the power trio format to the ultimate, laying thick melodic guitar lines over an aggressive rhythm section. The music bears a certain similarity to Mission of Burma, but infused with power and urgency reminiscent of Husker Du. Well crafted, thought provoking music. Brave Noise, released two years later, reflects a more mature approach. The music is less frantic, more subtle, but no less compelling.
by John C. Foster "magadh@concentric.net" (Chapel Hill, North Carolina United States)
1. Falling
2. Brave Noise
3. Nothing Changes
4. Things Are Going By
5. Carcrash
6. Separate Hearts
7. Instrumental #3
8. In The Way
9. 2500 Club
10. Into The Forest
11. June 7th
12. Through The Door
13. Lights
14. The Other Side
15. Faith
16. Let Me Know Why
17. Shape Of Somethings
18. Less Than Gravity
19. Almost Certain/Drone
20. Urban Dub
21. Always Calling
22. Underground
23. MTV
24. Funtime
25. Untitled
26. This World
27. Squares And Circles
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biguglymelvin said...

"Burning in Water is one of the most devastating underground pop albums ever released."

agreed, 100x. stop reading, download now.