Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This Ain't Hollywood (1981)
Label: Star Records
Covers: Punk United
Format: CD
Ripped: mp3 (160kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 10
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The Forgotten Rebels are a punk rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. With roots dating back to 1977 right up until the present time, the Forgotten Rebels have left a legacy of seven albums and a collection of EPs and singles that have influenced many other Canadian and international bands forming in their wake. Although the band went through many lineup changes over the last 28 years, Mickey DeSadist (vocals) and Dave McGhire (drums) remained the creative foundation of the group through most of its history. McGhire quit in 2003 leaving DeSadist as sole survivor. The main song writers were: Mickey DeSadist, Dave McGhire and Chris Houston.
1. Hello Hello
2. Tell Me You Love Me
3. This Ain't Hollywood
4. Don't Hide Your Face
5. Memory Lane
6. Surfin' on Heroin
7. Rhona Barrett
8. The Me Generation
9. England Keep Yer Stars
10. Eve Of Destruction
11. Your Own Little World
12. Save the Last Dance For Me
13. It Won't Be Long
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Dgrador said...

I remember seeing them live many times in the 80s. Awesome tunes, snotty yet tongue-in-cheek.

rebelrebel said...

really great one Nag!

rick said...

track 4 is cut at the end. please repost


Roy Pearl said...

Wow, I've been searching for this Fog Rebs disc for YEARS! Any chance of a re-up?

Great blog!

Leopardmech said...

File has been deleted. Can you please upload it again.