Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wild/Animals (2003)
Label: Disaster Records
Format: 7-inches (Color Vinyl)
Style: Punk Rock
Ripped: mp3 (192kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 10
Genre: Punk Rock
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Duane Peters and Corey Parks, the rude 'n' tattooed fun couple of punk, finally get to collaborate on the viciously raging Long Legs, the first Hunns album to feature the 6 foot-plus ex-Nashville Pussy vixen. She brings to the table driving basslines and an effective vocal counterpoint to Peters' snotty rasp, but the focus is still the ex-U.S. Bombs frontman and his unceasing font of bad attitude. This is catchy, dirty, ugly-as-hell punk rock-after all, nobody wants songs like "Love & Hate," "Animals" (which should throw PETA into a nice tizzy) and "Burn in Hell" to sound like pleasant ditties for a Sunday afternoon, do they? Kudos especially to the brutal cover of the Chambers Brothers' "Time Has Come Today," the only version of this alleged classic I've ever been able to stand. - Michael Toland /
1. Animals
2. Wild
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