Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Deep Wound
Label: Lost & Found Records
Format: CD
Ripped: mp3 (160kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 10
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Deep Wound were one of a handful of great punk bands from the outer regions of Massachusetts who have been largely overlooked by HC history in favor of the "Boston Crew" bands who put out records on XClaim! or Modern Method. The four-piece recorded their one and only single with Lou Giordano and Frank Michaels (Proletariat) and released it on the Radiobeat label in 1982. Their one compilation appearence (on the otherwise excellent Bands that Could be God LP of Massachusetts punk) isn't quite as good as the raging insanity of this single. The record is snotty teenage punk rock but played at lightning speed with totally manic singing. The band also recorded some rough demo tapes in J's basement, which eventually found their way onto CD and vinyl on various bootlegs.
Drummer J Mascis and guitarist Lou Barlow went on to further greatness by forming the seminal indie rock band Dinosaur Jr. (and Lou later started Sebadoh), and bassist Scott Helland played in the Outpatients until their breakup in 1995. The Deep Wound material is all amazing and essential. It has been released in many forms, including several vinyl bootlegs and a CD collection on Lost & Found.
1. I Saw It
2. Sisters
3. In My Room
4. Don't Need
5. Lou's Anxiety Song
6. Video Prick
7. Sick of Fun
8. Deep Wound
9. Dead Babies
10. You're False
11. Time to Stand
12. Patriots
13. Pressure
14. Never Let You In
15. Your Head Is In Your Crotch
16. Psyched to Die
17. Adult
18. Training Ground
** Includes the entire Radiobeat 7" (tracks 1-9) and part of the demo (tracks 10-18)
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