Saturday, October 14, 2006

Live! At CBGB 1977
Label: Bootleg
Format: DVD Rip
Ripped: 160kbps (mp3)
Genre: Punk Rock
HHA Rating: 10
pw =

"When I look at these tapes, nearly 30 years after shooting them, I can remember thinking the Dead Boys, at least for some brief period of time, were the greatest rock band on Earth. I still feel that way. I'm really glad that we shot these tapes, hung onto them, and were able to restore them sufficiently, so that others today - in a world that seems more and more comprised of formula and poseur bands - can share this experience and see instead what the real deal was about.... the incredible, phenomenal, Dead Boys" - - ROD SWENSON
1. intro
2. sonic reducer
3. all this and more
4. not anymore
5. revenge
6. flame thrower love
7. i need lunch
8. ain't nothin' to do
9. what love is
10. high tension wire
11. search & destroy
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rebelrebel said...

great! great one!! Nagi' Thanks a lot

schele said...

Great blog!!! Just one request: I'm searching for the album "World Apart" by The Subhumans (UK). Had it once, gave it away (what was I thinking???) and now trying to get it back on disc somehow.
Anyone Pleaaasse?

Nagiants40 said...


Ok...I have the Sub Humans CD, give me some time to rip and upload ok..

Regards and thanks for the comments.

Niandi said...

Fantastic post.....Great Blog. Keep up the good work !