Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hands Of Time (2003)
Format: CD
Label: Gmm Records
Ripped: mp3 (96kbps)
** sorry about the quality, but this is one of the few uploads here that's not made by me...
HHA Rating: 10
pw = hangoverhard.blogspot.com

These dutch guys don't make music they make truly oi anthems..The vocalist reminds me a lot of Mike Ness from Social Distortion...great stuff guys...It actually started of as a solo project. Under the influence of oi and rock n’ roll I once began to write my own material on the acoustic guitar. Together with Wouter (Razorblade/Rebellion Records) we even formed a band called The Hammers. A stable line up was unfortunately never found so after a little while we called it a day. Refusing to give up Wouter and I started a band called Lynch Boys. With this band we chose to play more rockabilly orientated music, covering Johnny Cash and such. This band also had a short life. In the meanwhile I wrote myself enough songs to fill a complete album. When Wouter decided to start a music label he immediately approached me to record an album. Together with a few guest musicians we went into the studio to record “False Gestures”. After the album was released I had to search for new bandmembers. First I came in touch with Niels Venrooy from the band Offside. He was willing to join the band and approached Eef Hendriks (one of the guitarists from Offside) to play the guitar in Badlands. Niels also found us a new drummer called Sander v/d Hoogen, who used to play drums in a band called Cavehead Violence. With this line up we’ve recorded three songs for the compilation album “Brabantia Nostra” and a second full-length. Source >>>> http://www.punkoiuk.co.uk/interviews/badlands.htm
1. Back in History
2. Judgement Day
3. Rip It Up
4. It's Gonna End
5. Heroes
6. Whatever Happened
7. From the Heart
8. Hold on to Your Dreams
9. Hands of Time
10. Fight Until I Die
[download] >>>> http://tinyurl.com/sogtf

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