Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Heroes (1997) & This is Your Law
Label: 435 Revolution Records
Format: 7-inches single Vinyl
Ripped: mp3 (128kbps)
HHA Rating: 8,0
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APA kind of sputtered to life in '93, but was put on "hiatus" while I played in Time Bomb 77 in '94-'95. In '96 I started APA up again with Stuart SOB on bass, and Bunny Rabid on drums. Current line-up is Chet Da Bastard Knight (guitar/vocals), Stuart SOB (bass), Warren Hate Bailey (guitar) and Amos Insane (drums). Some call it "Skunk Rock", which isn't a bad description. Very early 80's style punk/Oi! with some '77, and even some old US hardcore. It's hard to pigeon-hole, which is something we're proud of I suppose. Lyrically we sing about real life issues, but not the beer/fighting cop-out that passes for Oi/punk in some circles. If the lyrics are ever political (and I guess they sometimes are), it's street politics that effect our everyday lives, not some Crass booklet copycatting bullshit.
[tracks - Heroes]
1. Heroes
2. Terminators
3. Deah Of Honor
4. For Adolfs Only
[tracks - this is your law]
1. This is Your Law
2. Skunx
3. False Idols
4. We Don't Pose
[download] >>>> http://tinyurl.com/ygx843
[download] >>>> http://tinyurl.com/ybjbnv

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Slits Fan said...

Cool. They are back again with Knight, McDick from The Vaticans, Mark McGhee, and they usually have the bass player from The Heart Attacks.