Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Maddest Stories Ever Told (1988)
Label: Combat Records
Format: CD
Ripped: mp3 (128kbps)
Genre: Hardcore/Crossover
HHA Rating: 9.0
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Formed in 1981 in Oak Harbor, Washington by bassist Chibon Batterman, Dana Collins and guitarist Tom Niemeyer. John Dahlin was the vocalist from 1983-1984, when the addition of Blaine Cook (frontman of Seattle hardcore punk group The Fartz) caused the band to progress towards a more heavy metal-based sound. The band dubbed their style--distinguished by Blaine's unusual choking-sound vocals, buzzsaw guitars, dark metallic riffs, and rapid-fire drumming--"splatter rock," and recorded five full-length albums between their inception and 1990s hiatus. The Accused regrouped in 2003, playing live shows in the Seattle area, and then recorded the album "Oh, Martha!". This "comeback record" landed on Revolver magazine's Top Ten albums of the year and "Writer's Lists" from Metal Maniacs magazine. However, that line-up was short-lived. In 2005 3 members left to form another band they had been developing, Toe Tag. Undaunted, Niemeyer recruited replacement members, Brad Mowen (Apes of Wrath, Sweaty Nipples, et al.); Mike Peterson (Bam Bam, Mommy, Suffering Fuckheads); and Prof. Iman A. Phid (Father Shark-The Pleasure Elite) to continue The Accused legacy.
Niemeyer kept the loyal fan-base happy with a limited run of do-it-yourself CD-ROM releases of previously un-released material and a Limited Edition DVD-R of live concert footage made available via the band's website. Niemeyer also saw to it that three classic 1980's out-of-print titles by The Accused are scheduled to be released by Nuclear Blast Records of Germany to be available throughout Europe sometime in 2007. Current collectors are seeing copies of these rare/out-of-print U.S. made CD's fetch prices upwards of $400.00 to $500.00 each on popular auction website eBay. With increased demand and a string of recent succesful shows in Canada and the Pacific Northwest, Niemeyer and The Accused continue to march onward into 2007.
1. "Psychomania" – 3:15
2. "The Bag Lady Song" – 2:00
3. "Inherit the Earth" – 3:12
4. "Deception" - :25
5. "Molly’s X-Mas ’72" – 3:16
6. "I’d Love to Change the World" – 2:22
7. "You Only Die Once" – 3:28
8. "Sick Boy" – 1:10
9. "Chicago" - :20
10. "Starved to Death" – 2:52
11. "War=Death ’88" – 1:55
12. "The Maddest Story Every Told" – 2:05
13. "Intro" - :26
14. "Scared of the Dark" – 3:07
15. "Losing Your Mind" – 2:38
16. "Smothered Her Trust" – 3:38
17. "Lights Out" -:50
18. "The Hearse" – 1:10
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Anonymous said...

listening to this will be better than watching an open casket funeral. thanks for this great download.

Anonymous said...

this is from wika and is a bit altered by Tommys friends.The truth is 3 members left to continue doing Toe Tag which they had started before they tried the reunion thing but they where treated like crap but Tommy and decided they didnt want any part of it.
Also the members that left got cheated out of any part of the money for all the stuff Tommy threw together at home and sold on the web site.Not to mention the deal he made with Nuclear Blast.According to Tommy he is the only original member and only he is entitled to any money.
Also he went behind the bands back and copyrighted all the music in his name only,even the album they just completed.An album which was paid for completely by other band members.