Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The BBC Punk Sessions (2000)
Label: Captain Oi!
Covers: Yes
Format: mp3 (160kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 10
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This CD contains all of the Vibrators' recorded sessions as guests on the BBC's celebrated John Peel show, the nightly radio show which was the showcase for Punk Rock in the UK from 1976 onwards. It also features a live set, unique in that the lineup included Don Show and Dave Birch on keyboards, sax & bass, together with regulars Knox (guitar/lead vocals), Eddie (drums) & John Ellis (lead guitar/vocals). The sessions span the seminal years of their career leading up to the releases of their classic "Pure Mania" and "V2" albums. As drummer Eddie says in the sleeve notes, the musicianship developed as the sessions went on, from an embryonic punk band to the masterful "new wave" act they became. From a shaky version of "Nazi Baby", through punk anthems "Baby Baby", "Keep It Clean" and "London Girls" you can hear the band grow in stature and power. The real highlight is the March 6, 1978 session, with its excellent rocking version of "Fall In Love" and the best recording the Vibes ever made of their masterpiece "Troops Of Tomorrow". After hearing this version on the John Peel show, the verion of "Troops" which made it onto "V2" was disappointing in comparison. I've always thought that this session was the Vibrators finest hour, this track their best ever recording. I waited 22 years for that single track to be released. Here it is, packaged in a set of rarities, classics and historical curiosities from a great band of an unforgettable era. Don't miss it!
- - by Paul H-E "altruistic-paul" (UK) - -
1. Dance to the Music
2. Sweet Sweet Heart
3. Jenny, Jenny
4. I'm Gonna Be Your Nazi Baby
5. We Vibrate
6. Petrol
7. Keep It Clean
8. Baby Baby
9. London Girls
10. She's Bringing You Down
11. Automatic Lover
12. Destroy
13. Troops of Tomorrow
14. Fall in Love
15. War Zone
16. 24 Hour People
17. Public Enemy No. 1
18. Eye Witness
19. Automatic Lover
20. Fall in Love
21. Troops of Tomorrow
22. Judy Says (Knock You in the Head)
23. Destroy
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Anonymous said...
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CB said...

ThAnK You tHAnK yOu ThaNk YoU.

I love the Vibrators, much appreciated.

Johnny Mosrite said...

Great stuff!!

Thank you. :-)

Johnny Mosrite said...

Just thought I'd pop back to say how good this is now that I've downloaded and played it. I'm an old school punk rocker - 49 years old now! But I still have a copy of "We Vibrate" in my loft. Just wish the drummer from the Vibrators could have taken over from Tommy in the Ramnes instead of Marky - he would have been perfect!