Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Because They Can (1994)
Label: Shake The Record Label
Format: mp3 (192kbps - HQ)
Covers: Yes
HHA Rating: 9.0
pw =

Vacant Lot was one of the best pop punk bands of the '90s. This is the second album of the onlye three of the entire career, and in my opinion is the best. A lot of catchy songs, like "Loyola", "Can't Take Anymore" and "Good As Gone"... get it !!!

1. Hard Hard Time
2. Miss You Baby
3. Good As Gone
4. You Were On My M;Ind
5. In Her Eyes
6. Sooner Or Later
7. I Won't Say I'm Sorry
8. Nothing More Or Less
9. Take Her Place
10. Short Chain
11. Can't Take Anymore
12. Loyola

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