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Punk Singles Collection (1995)
Label: Anagram Punk UK
Covers: Yes
Format: mp3 (128kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 10
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ANTI-PASTI: Hailing from Derby, ANti-Pasti were by far Rondelet's most successful and biggest selling Punk band. Led by vocalist Martin Roper and guitarist Dugi, the pair were joined on the "Four Sore Points" EP by drummer Stand and bassist Stu though by the time of "Let Them Free" they'd been replaced by Kev and Will respectively. Stars of the 1981 "Apocalypse Punk" tour (along with The Exploited, Discharge, Chron-Gen and the Anti-Nowhere League) and constantly topping independent Charts, Anti-PAsti also managed to spend 7 weeks in the UK album chart with their debut LP "The Last Call" which eventually peaked at Nº 31. A fifth member, guitarist Olly Hoon, was added by the time of late 82's "East To The West" 45 though they sadly split later that same year following a less than ecstatic response to their second LP "Caution In The Wind".
THE FITS: Having issued on EP for Beat The System Records "You Said We'd Never Make It" the Blackpool based Fits signed Rondelet in early '82 and debuted with the "Think For Yourself" EP. Despite regular line up changes, vocalist Mick Crudge and guitarist Steve Whiters remained constant members and oversaw the group's final Rondelet releases, the "Last Lunch" EP and The "You're Nothing You're Nowhere" LP after which they moved to Corpus Christi for the superb "Tears Of a Nation" 45. They then teamed up with Peter & The Test Tube Babies for a variety of dates and a split 12" "Pressed For Cash" as well as releasing the "Action" and "Fact or Fiction" singles, both on Trapper Records, before disappearing from view in 1985.
SPECIAL DUTIES: Led by the colourful and controversial Steve Arrogant (vocals) and Bart POvah (guitar), the Colchester based Special Duties, who also featured bassist Steve Duty and drummer Mark Gregory, released their debut single 'Violent Society' (produced by The Lurker's Howard Wall) on the Charnel House label in late '81. Rondelet picked up on the band and issued a new version of 'Violent Society' in early '82 by which time Stuart Bray had taken over at the drum stool. The superb 'Police State' EP, produced by Mike Stone of GBH and Discharge fame, followed later in the same year though it was the 'Bullshit Crass' 45 that really caused a major talking point amongst the Punk fraternity. The LP '77 in 82' was their last release for Rondelet following which they moved to Expulsion for 1983's 'Punk Rocker' 45, the band's last release.
DEAD MAN'S SHADOW: John Igoe (guitar), Matt Dagnut (vocals/bass) and Ian Fisher (drums) were Dead Man's Shadow and they orginally formed in late 1980. Their first release was the 'Neighbours' EP on Hog Records which was followed by the 'Heathrow Touchdown' 45,a split EP with fellow Middlesex outfit Action Pact. Whilst with Rondelet they issued two singles, 'Bomb Scare' and 'Flower in The Gun', before switching to Expulson Records for 1983's '4Ps' LP and 'In My Dreams' single. One of the few early 80's punk bands to receive any sort of positive critical acclaim D.M.S. finally bowed out in late '84 with the 'Another Year' and the 'Mohammed A Mountain' LP, both released by Criminal Damage Records.
THE MEMBRANES: Led by the enigmatic John Robb on bass/vocals, The Membranes first formed in Blackpool in 1977 though it wasn't until 1980 and the 'Flexible Membranes' flexi disc for Vinyl Drip that they made their record debut. A second single for the label 'Muscles' also ended up as their first for Rondelet, albeit with extra tracks. Their only release for the label was the 'Pinstripe Hype' EP, issued late in '82 after which they moved to Criminal Damage.
RIOT SQUAD: As Rondelet was based in Mansfield it made sense that they signed that town's biggest (only?) Punk band, Riot Squad. Both the 'Fuck The Tories' and 'Religion Doesn't Mean a Thing' 7-inches charted high in the Indie Top 20 and established the band as one of the third wave of Punk's most popular acts. When Rondelet folded in late 1982 Riot Squad's vocalist Dunk set up Rot Records as an outlet for new Punk talent and the band isseud three singles for the label - 'Don't Be Denied', 'I'm OK Fuck You' and 'There Ain't No Solution' - as well as the 'No Potential Threat' LP before splitting in early '84.
THREATS: Vocalist Jamo, bassist Tin, drummer Meecho and guitarist Gogs were the Threats though other than the two singles they issued for Rondelet. 'Go to Hell' and 'Politicians & Ministers', little is known of this powerful four piece. Anyone who knows any more about The Threats is welcome to drop me a line.
1 - No Government (ANTI-PASTI)
2 - Two Years Too Late (ANTI-PASTi)
3 - Another Dead Soldier (ANTI-PASTI)
4 - Six Guns (ANTI-PASTI)
5 - Burial (THE FITS)
6 - Violent Society (SPECIAL DUTIES)
7 - Colchester Council (SPECIAL DUTIES)
8 - Bomb Scare (DEAD MAN'S SHADOW)
9 - Another Hiroshima (DEAD MAN'S SHADOW)
10 - East to The West (ANTI-PASTI)
11 - Muscles (THE MEMBRANES)
12 - Police State (SPECIAL DUTIES)
13 - Go To Hell (THREATS)
14 - Fuck The Tories (RIOT SQUAD)
15 - We are The Riot Squad (IOT SQUAD)
16 - Bullshit Crass (SPECIAL DUTIES)
17 - Riot in the City (RIOT SQUAD)
18 - Caution In the Wind (ANTI-PASTI)
19 - Flower in the Gun (DEAD MAN'S SHADOW)
20 - High Street Yeanks (THE MEMBRANES)
21 - Politicians & Ministers (THREATS)
22 - Last Laugh (THE FITS)

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