Thursday, September 28, 2006

Anthems from the Alleyway (1996)
Label: SOS Records
Covers: Yes
Format: mp3 (128kbps)
HHA Rating: 9.0
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Definitly an awesome CD. Don't be fooled by the cover! THey're not as HardCore as they may look, but this album shreds like a blender on liquefy!! Johnny's scratchy vocals are pleasing to the ears, Shawn smash has a grinding solo in about every song, and their chick drummer is nothing less than impressive. The only weak point is Joe Bastard's bass, he really sucks! "Johnny" sounds like a Ramones song (Kick @$$), "Voice of the streets" is a good song to listen to if you've just been dumped by a girl, "Boot Party" has loud yelling Oi!, And you heard the kick @$$ song "Riot City" on Punk -o- Rama 1, and on their debut album, pledge of defience, they do a new version of it that is pretty good. All my friends that have listened to it agree that it is one of the best records they've ever heard. Drop everything, go down to your local recordshop and demand this CD it is a must have!!! Oi!
1. Voice of the Streets
2. Back to Our Roots
3. Complete Control
4. Boot Party
5. Riot 77
6. Be What You Want
7. Riot City 2
8. Not Anymore
9. Born to Lose
10. Baby, I Hate You
11. Crowd Control
12. Johnny
13. Lost Boy
14. 12 Ounce Pounders

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