Thursday, September 28, 2006

1991-1998 (1999)
Label: Double Zero Records
Format: mp3 (VBR)
HHA Rating: 9,5
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The Caterer brothers were raised on rock 'n' roll and crooners like Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra. In 1980 Matt got a guitar, Josh a bass guitar and Eli a drum set and they began to play together. Soon after, their eyes were opened to the world of the Ramones and punk rock. Other early musical influences included Mel Tormé, Tom Waits, The Replacements, The Smiths, early AC/DC, The Cars, and Dinosaur Jr.
In 1990 Matt and Josh, calling themselves Speedstick, got a gig at a party and played approximately 10 original punk-style compositions. About this time, Matt switched to bass and Dave Martens joined as drummer. Josh became an Elvis Costello fan and his style, accordingly, became more pop influenced. Speedstick recorded 10 songs in their first studio session, including "Brand New Hairstyle," which would become a staple of the Smoking Popes repertoire.
They changed the band's name, taking "Smoking" from Matt and Josh's penchant for excessive cigarette smoking and "Popes" from the movie "The Pope of Greenwich Village." (The band's original name was simply the "Popes", but it was decided to add the adjective to distinguish the band from the Chicago gang The Popes.) Martens, disenchanted with the band's musical direction, stopped attending rehearsals and the Caterers recruited Mike Felumlee of Article One to replace him.
1. Brand New Hairstyle
2. Sandra
3. Wanted Love
4. Waiting Around
5. Down the Street
6. Never Coming Back
7. Breaking
8. Run Away
9. Writing a Letter
10. Stars
11. Under the Blanket
12. First Time
13. Let's Hear It For Love
14. That's Where I Come In
15. Let Them Die
16. Double Fisted Love
17. Don't Be Afraid
18. Can't Find It
19. Off My Mind
20. Not That Kind of Girlfriend
21. Days Just Wave Goodbye
22. Do Something
23. Pasted

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