Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Con Art (1997)
Label: Dischord
Covers: Yes
Format: mp3 (160kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 9.0
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There was something to be said about the transformation of Smart Went Crazy. There first record was nice, friendly, but, to be honest, rather borimg. So when I broke down and picked up Con Art, I wasn't really expecting much different....but i was wrong. DEAD wrong. This record contains a combination of elements not really seen...beautiful lyrics, intense and unique instrumental power and backing, and the firm conviction of telling all of their feelings. Sadly, SMC are no more, which is a damn shame, because they were one heck of a live band. The whole darn CD is breathtaking; songs such as "a Good Day", "A brief conversation ending in divorce," and "Immutable Beauty:" will knock your socks off, as will every other track on here. SWC are no more, Con Art is their tombstone, listen....and weep
1. Black Kites
2. Exitfare
3. A Brief Conversation Ending In Divorce
4. Immutable Beauty
5. Con Art
6. Baker's Chocolate
7. D.C. Will Do That To You
8. D.C. Will Do That To You
9. Let X=X
10. Funny As In Funny Ha-Ha
11. Bullfighter
12. Holds Up Her Hand, Blocks Out The Sun
13. Song Of The Dodo
14. Tight Frame Loose Frame
15. A Good Day
16. So Speaks The Queen Bee
17. Tijuana 3/28/96
18. Now We're Even

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