Sunday, September 24, 2006

Never Mind the Reunion Here's Sid Vicious (1997)
Label: Cleopatra
Format: mp3 (VBR - 224kbps)
HHA Rating: 10
pw =

Pure energy! I would have rated the alblum with five stars but the recording is not as good as it could have been. It's not terrible but it could have been better. I guess the venue (Max's Kansas City) probably didn't have the best acoustics for a live recording. Maybe the recording equipment was poor. Reguardless, this alblum is red hot. I would highly reccommend it to any Sid fan or anyone really. Well worth the money.DAN M. WORSHAM (Juneau, Alaska United States)
1. search & destroy
2. chatterbox
3. something else
4. i wanna be your dog
5. beisen was a gas
6. not your stepping stone
7. take a chance
8. no lip
9. chinese rocks
10. my way
11. search & destroy, bonus alternate version
12. chatterbox, bonus alternate version
13. something else, bonus alternate version
14. something else, bonus alternate version

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friend electric said...

Can it be that this is a re-publish of "Sid Sings" which has this tracklist:
1.Born To Lose - 3:07
2.I Wanna Be Your Dog - 3:19
3.Take A Chance On Me - 2:52
4.Stepping Stone - 2:18
5.My Way - 3:54
6.Belsen - 2:11
7.Something Else - 2:06
8.Chatterbox - 1:51
9.Search And Destroy - 3:02
10.Chinese Rocks - 2:43
11.I Killed The Cat - 1:04

Anonymous said...

Hello, i wish you to share again or upload again Never Mind The Reunion, here's Sid Vicious if you can upload this album again i will love you.