Thursday, September 28, 2006

Too Dumb to Quit (1993)
Format: mp3 (160kbps)
Vinyl Ripping
HHA Rating: 10
pw =

Propably one of the best 7-inches in the punk world. This five tracks is very aggressive, maybe the most aggressive Queer's songs, 100% pogo-punk. Is impossible stay static when you listen this little gem...KEEP PUNK ROCKIN!
1. Nothing to Do
2. Bonehead
3. I'm Nowhere At All
4. Didn't Puke
5. Fuck You
[DoWnLoAd] >>>


Robert.Johnsson said...

I agree with ya here !

Great 7 inch..

I saw "subers" had it awhile ago, BUT...yours is a better Quality :)


Gibia said...

awesome post sequence...are you a mind reader or something??
i'm getting all thanks

Fulhamx said...

Ah, The Queers, what can I say?
One of the greatest bands ever!
Nice one

JQG said...

The file is gone - any chance you can re-up this one?

greezus chrust said...

yes oh yes!
please re-up!!!
muchas gracias!