Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Peach Tree (1997)
Label: Grass Records
Covers: Yes
Format: mp3 (160kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 8,0
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Peach Tree is a fine punk pop cd with tons of vocal and musical hooks. The cd will remind many of the days when the Descendents rulled punk rock, and is worth noting that Bill Stevenson and Stephan Egerton produced and mixed it in the Blastin Room. This album will definatley bring joy to those that are looking for great pop and an alternative to stale alternative music.
1. Almond-Coated
2. Tiny Shoes
3. Chalkboard Dust
4. Fine, Then
5. Denoted
6. Hyperventilate
7. A Clear Complexion
8. Sugarless
9. All But One
10. Colorful
11. Soda Pop Cold
12. Snowy

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Gabriel said...

Hi could you please reupload this file? I´d looove to download this album of pollen

José Miguel Venero said...

hello, please can you do it again..