Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Beyond The Valley of 1984 (1981)
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Although their "fame" lasted for a full 15 minutes, few bands entered rock & roll with such a controversial reputation as did the Plasmatics. Founded by Rod Swenson, a porn film producer who fancied himself the next Malcolm McLaren, the Plasmatics were fronted by sex film "star" Wendy O. Williams, a muscular, raspy-voiced "singer" who generally wore next to nothing onstage. (Her most radical bit of fashion accessorizing consisted of covering her nipples with black electrical tape.) Almost as captivating was guitarist Richie Stotts, a tall, gangly geek who fancied garters and stockings and a blue mohawk; he also liked to smash his guitar against his head until he drew blood.
1 - incantation
2 - masterplan
3 - headbanger
4 - summer nite
5 - nothing
6 - fast food service
7 - hitman
8 - living dead
9 - sex junkie
10 - plasma jam (live)
11 - pig is a pig

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davidoff said...

thanks a lot chap!! been looking a lot for this one.

RevolutionaryBum said...

Hello, This is a long shot... but any chance you have or know who/where I can find Richie Stotts King Flux EP/LP? not sure if its a 7" or full album. Thanks.