Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Round´(2003)
Label:Better Youth Org.
Covers: Punk United
Format: mp3 (192kbps - VBR)
HHA Rating: 9,0
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I discovered Pistol Grip back when my friend was on the street team for BYO. They had just released their first album, the Shots From the Kalico Rose and I bought it almost immediatly. It was one of the best albums I'd heard in a while, and this new album is no dissapointment. It has a seemingly more distinct sound, i.e., less catchy riffs and more soul, with a noticable Adicts influence. I cannot wait to see them live again (for the third time). When I saw them at Warped Tour here in Dallas last year, me and my friend were the only people actively at their small stage. I highly recommend you get out there, buy this album, and catch one of their shows. They don't have the fan base they most definatly deserve.
by "kalicorose" (Dallas, TX USA)
1. Sweet & Sour Of A Knife
2. Empty Shells
3. The Unwanted
4. Black Heart
5. 1997
6. A Murder Of Crows
7. Marshburn Ave.
8. Gypsy
9. Broken Radio
10. From The Arches To The End
11. Damned Of Tomorrow
12. Another Face To Hate
13. The Rebels Are Dead

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Robert.Johnsson said...

And "AGAIN" Thank You Nagi :)

I really got stuck on "One Man Army"

Until now..I only had 3 songs with them ...They Rock !