Saturday, September 23, 2006

Last Word Spoken (2000)
Label: Adeline Records
Format: mp3 (160kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 8,5

there are many good punk albums that came out in the past 10 years (rancid's underrated life won't wait, which to me is the little brother of the clash's great london calling album is one of them)but one man army's last word spoken has to rank up there with the best of the past 10 years by far. one man army still aren't that well known in the punk community (stints on the warped tour and opening for bigger bands like swingin' utters and bouncing souls will help that!)but are quite possibly the best of the smaller unknown bands. this album unlike many punk albums is very listenable from the opening track the old songs right down to the final acoustic track the holidays...which is a hard thing to do for alot of punk albums because there is alot of unneeded filler! signed to the label of billie joe armstrong's wifes label (yep billie joe of green day)adeline they haven't gotten the exposure that they deserve but it's coming and for some reason i like being one of the few that knows about this unknown punk rock treasure! if your into this album definetly check out their 1st album dead end stories which isn't as good as last word spoken but it's still worthy of buying! i can't begin to say how many times this album has been played since it's release and because of how short it is it's easy to play over and over and end's to damn quick (kinda like the misfits classic and one of the best punk albums ever, walk amoung us-short but a classic!)get this and get dead end stories...i promise you definetly will not be sorry you did!
1. The Old Songs
2. No Controlling
3. Bootlegger's Son
4. Another Night
5. All Your Friends
6. Until Now
7. The Lonely Road Nowhere
8. Join The Ranks
9. The Tune Of The Leisure Pace
10. Looming Disaster
11. Red Light's Tinge
12. Last Word Spoken
13. The Holidays
14. 300 Miles Bonus
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