Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Universal Madness - Live in Los Angeles (1999)
Label: Golden Voice Records
Covers: Punk United
Format: mp3 (320kbps)
HHA Rating: 9,5
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Madness are the masters of ska. Infusing a healthy dose into their songs they provide great music to skank to. Their only hit in the US, the fun "Our House", isn't the best representation of their sound. Songs like "My Girl", "The Prince", "One Step Beyond" and especially "Baggy Trousers" show off their ska rhythms. The album is full of hyper energy and in a word, fun.
1. (Hey You) One Step Behind
2. Embarrassment
3. The Prince
4. Sun & The Rain
5. My Girl
6. Shut Up
7. Baggy Trousers
8. It Must Be Love
9. Bed & Breakfast Man
10. Our House
11. Swan Lake
12. Night Boat To Cairo
13. Madness

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rebelrebel said...

Thank you Nag! cool Madness.