Saturday, September 09, 2006

Love, Peace & Money (1995)
Label: Atlantic
Covers: Yes
Format: mp3 (160kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 9.5
pw =

When it comes to thundering punk anthems, Die Toten Hosen usually manages to deliver the goods, and Love Peace & Money is no exception. With their first English-language album on a major label, Die Toten Hosen (the dead trousers) achieved one of the high points of their career. Opening with the hit single "Here Comes Alex," all the familiar ingredients are there: political concerns, rousing singalong refrains, and a healthy dose of melody. It's a formula that the boys know inside out, and one that works surprisingly well. Occasionally the lyrics dip into fuzzy sentimentalism ("All for the Sake of Love") or comic machismo ("Sexual"), but the band is definitely at their best when ranting against the powers that be. It's hardly a focussed anger -- you often get the impression that underneath all the shouting they aren't actually making much sense -- but they have such a passionate way with their music that it's all rather charming really. If in doubt, resort to boundless energy and a stirring chorus. There's very little beneath the surface, but if you're after an album to carry you off on a wave of passion, then Love Peace & Money might well be what you're looking for. - - by Jim Harper ( - -
1 - return of alex
2 - year 2000
3 - all for the sake of love
4 - love song
5 - sexual
6 - diary of a lover
7 - put your money where your mouth is
8 - love is here
9 - more and more
10 - my land
11 - wunsch dir was
12 - wasted years
13 - perfect criminal
14 - love machine
15 - chaos bros.

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