Friday, September 15, 2006

2 cents (1995)
Label: Restless Records
Covers: Yes
Format: mp3 (160kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 10
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Its a damn shame that the Beowulf albums arent in print anymore.
They are such a killer band. Dale Henderson's vocals are great. a lot of the bands back from that era of music have these songs that arent very melodic; but, Beowulf are totaly a cut above the rest. The songs have great meanings and good structures. If youve ever heard the other material that they have written,then you know they rock. The style is a tad bit more modern than thier welcome to venice roots; but, nevertheless, if you can find this or any other beowulf albums, by all means, get them. For those of you that dont know what they sound like ill explain: they have a style that is sort of like old hardcore, but with a little bit of metal in with it, throw in a little bit of punk to go with that, a whole lot of melody, good musicianship, youve got the band. Most people that go for the punk or hardcore music discriminate by style; but, whatever your taste, the only reqirement to enjoying this album is that you like any kind of rock at all. From start to finish, this album rules. - - by damian r biddle (elberton, ga United States) - -
1. Throw Your Rock
2. Bullet Hole
3. 140 Days
4. 2 Cents
5. Jumped In
6. Life Ain't, Life's Only
7. Lack Of Knowledge
8. Superstar
9. No One Knows No One
10. Only Human
11. Badge Abuse
12. Dope Bag
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Robert.Johnsson said...

Woooo :)

I remember this one!

This is a great album !

I have no idea why i dont have the album, but remember spending Many hours with this one :)

Thx !

Anonymous said...

This is a awesome album but i have it.. Does anyone have beowulf's "unsentimental" out there?