Saturday, September 16, 2006

Date with Death (1991)
Label: Gift Of Life
Format: mp3 (160kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 9.5
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Formed in 1985 in the San Fernando Valley, Badtown Boys have never strayed from their punk rock roots. From their first single on Dionysus Records to their self-titled debut album on Gift Of Life Records, which also brought "Date With Death" and Pennyless In Paradise" and their 1994 release "ep.i.dem.ic", the band has proven it's staying power and have lived up to their "cult Punk legend" status. The guys are also working on a live CD made up from numerous shows dating back to 1991-1995.
With five European tours thoughout Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Wales, Scotland and Yugoslavia, Badtown Boys have played with the likes of D.O.A., Dog Eat Dog, Satanic SurferBTB01.jpg (20609 bytes)s, Spermbirds and Yellow Car, just to name a few. And with a fist full of US tours with All and the Dickies the band has built up a loyal and devoted following. Just witness one of their live shows and you'll know why.
Badtown Boys have had the opportunity to have their albums produced by some of punk rock's best engineers
such as Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, NOFX, Dag Nasty, Rancid), Pat Coughlin (R.K.L., No Use For A Name), and for their new release, the ever wicked Micheal Rozon (Beck, Dead Lazlo's Place, Shattered Faith). Badtown Boys have also appeared on numerous compilation albums, including The Ramones tribute "Gabba Gabba Hey" released on Triple X Records.
The Badtown Boys have just been signed to New Red Archives and their new CD "Another Fine Day" was released on May 1st 1999. "Another Fine Day" is loaded with hard driving, full throttle Punk Rock mixed in with the bands classic chainsaw pop sound that Badtown Boys fans worldwide have come to love. Badtown Boys will be back on tour soon, we hope that everyone can make it to the show....once again.
1) Intoxication (Badtown Boys)
2) Underworld (Badtown Boys)
3) Dee Dee Took The Subway (Badtown Boys)
4) Making You Nervous (Badtown Boys)
5) I'm Alone (Badtown Boys)
6) Destined To Lose (Badtown Boys)
7) Lost & Found (Badtown Boys)
8) Pride (Badtown Boys)
9) Made Up My Mind (Badtown Boys)
10) Blink Of An Eye (Badtown Boys)
11) Took Too Long (Badtown Boys)
12) Sick Of Your Face (Badtown Boys)
13) Death Is Forever (Badtown Boys)
Greg Keith - Vocals
Tommy Komisar - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Chris Keith - Bass/Backing Vocals
Tim Cunningham - Drums
Producers Badtown Boys & Nicky Garratt
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