Tuesday, August 22, 2006

(2002) Black & White Photo Enterprise
Label: Buddyhead
Format: mp3 (VBR - Ep)
Size: 19.44 mb (.zip)
Rating: 6.5
pw = hangoverhard.blogspot.com

This a female five piece, although some members look like guys. Obviously they have went back and listened to the first Siouxsie record. Why they did this I am not so sure. "Shotgun" sounds more like Altered Images "Dead Pop Stars" than the Banshees (remember that Altered Images started out as a Siouxsie thing too). There are a bunch of new wave and early goth sounds throughout. There's a lot of hostility for "a rich white man" and the fact that "my daddy doesn't love me." Most of the other lyrics are vague and suggest lesbianism. Every with all that against them, Radio Vago seem pretty good. Who knows what they are trying to achieve or if they can pull it off live. They remind me of some of those strange bands in the early LA punk Scene like The Bags and Catholic Discipline.

(song list)
1. Shotgun
2. Mail Order Bride
3. Sophomore
4. My New Suit
5. Blood On My Hands
(download link)

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