Friday, August 11, 2006

(1993) Why Do The Call Me Mr. Happy?
Covers: Yes
Label: Alternative Tentacles
Format: mp3 (128 - High Quality)
Ripped: JAP (Jet Audio Plus)
Country: Canada
Size: 54,61 MB (.zip)

Having never heard a full album by them, and completely blown away by their live show, I borrowed this CD from a friend. I was not disappointed. With energy that belies the age of the players, "Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?" features some of the heaviest, smartest punk available. The brothers Wright are among punk rock's best (and most prolific) storytellers and lyricists, as evidenced in tracks such as "The River" and "Cats, Sex and Nazis." They are also masters of their respective instuments, expressing their ideas in perfect tandem with the vocal "melodies."
Also contained on this album is the hilarious tongue-in-cheek humor typical of NoMeansNo: "Chairman Mao was a great cook...he fed all of China" from "Kill Everyone Now." Get in on the joke, get this album.
- - by Ben Morgan (Seattle, WA) - - (

1. The Land Of The Living
2. The River
3. Machine
4. Madness And Death
5. Happy Bridge
6. Kill Everyone Now
7. I Need You
8. Slowly Melting
9. Lullaby
10. Cats, Sex and Nazis
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