Thursday, August 10, 2006

(1994) Information Highway Revisited
Covers: Yes
Label: Crypt Records
Format: mp3 (128kbps - High Quality)
Ripped: JAP (Jet Audio Plus)
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O.K. folks, this be the rock'n'roll album of the century! The Turks got me into buyin' music again after a self imposed exile from rock'n'roll caused by grunge in the early 90's ( this "new" garage revival is gettin' me down too by the way!)I simply can't describe how I felt when the raw, heart-felt and rockin' sounds of this album came blastin' from my hi-fi set. This stuff makes ya' feel all angry, sad and really darn happy all at the same time. The Turks walk a fine line between pure rage and absolute enthusiasm and it is impossible not to get wrapped up in the moment! The best part is that these guys create totally IRONY FREE rock'n'roll,they really mean it and it shows. No matching red and white outfits, no cute shaggy hair, no matching Blues Brothers-like suits and NO marketing strategy. You WILL buy this. You WILL love it. Trust me would ya'? - - By Jason Gilmour (Toronto) - -
HANGOVER RATING: 8 out of 10....

1. Id Slips In
2. Bullish On Bullshit
3. If I Only Could
4. Brother Orson Welles
5. T.A.S.
6. Fingernail Chomp
7. Dented 'N' Spent
8. Girl Can Help It
9. (Gotta Gotta) Sinking Feeling
10. Grandpa Atomic
11. Never Will
12. Apocalyptic Dipstick
13. Lyin' On Our Backs
14. I Got Your Bitter End
15. Straight-On Chaser
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