Tuesday, August 22, 2006

(2000) The Miracle Of Shame (Ep)
Label: Lookout Records
Format: mp3 (VBR - HQ)
Size: 28,32 mb (.zip)
Home Page: Lookout Records
Rating: 9.0
pw = hangoverhard.blogspot.com

This album is great. Not typical MTX as in sound, but very typical in lyrical genius and originality. It sounds like Dr Frank meets Elvis Costello, and it seriously kicks ass. Get this album if you're into good music, and not just being all punk rock - this is quite possibly the punkest thing MTX could have put out, even if the sound isn't.

(song list)
1. Spy Vs. Spy
2. Leave The Thinking To The Smart People
3. Mr. Ramones
4. Stephanies Of The World Unite
5. I Don't Know Where Dan Treacy Lives
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DeMoNDReS said...

please re-upload this album!!

Alex said...

I second that! Also yesterday rules if possible!