Thursday, August 17, 2006

(2003) Just to Spite You
Label: Dirtnap Records
Format: mp3 (320kbps)
Size: 40.85 mb (.zip)
PW =
Rating: 8,5 Great!!!

Hard hitting and hard working blue collar garage punk from the new center of the musical universe, Tacoma, WA! Influenced by such classic 90s bands such as The Valentine Killers (this is ex-VK's Jill Trueblood's new band). 11 tracks. Dirtnap. 2003.

(song list)
1. Blackbird Theme
2. Lobotomy Eyes
3. Pocketful of Hate
4. Can't Win 'Em All
5. Did It Anyway
6. 2 Track Mind
7. Skippin' Frames
8. I'm Too Late
9. Sweat It Out
10. Ain't Got a Clue
11. Burn It Down

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dave said...

looks like a good listen thanks