Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Collateral Damage
Format: mp3 (128kbps)
Ripped: Jet Audio Plus
Size: 60,61 MB
Country: Australlia

The band started in 1983 in Adelaide when Paul Gilchrist (vocals) hooked up with Andy MacQueen (bass), Gerry Barrett (guitar) and Craig Rodda (drums) for a one-off show at a party. Paul had never been in a band before, while Andy had been in bands called the Deviants and the Crunch Pets, and Craig was the drummer for the Screaming Believers. The set consisted of covers of their favorite songs, the intent being only to have a laugh. But they had so much fun that they decided to try to get a hotel gig, and they managed to get signed up for a couple nights at a local establishment. One of these shows was attended by Giles Barrow, who had played guitar for bands called Zippy and The Coneheads and Kaos. He ended up joining as rhythm guitar player. By mid 1984 these five started playing a regular gig at the Cathedral Hotel in the north of Adelaide. Towards the end of the year Gerry left and was replaced by former Spitfire and Tombstone Shadow Jeff Stephens, who was a friend of Giles. The set at this time was all covers; Jeff sent me a tape of early live stuff including material from October 1984 at the Cathedral; by his reckoning about five people were in the audience (one of them being Liz Dealy, judging from the between song banter). From the sound of the tape, the band were a powerhouse from the start; they played raging versions of songs like "No Fun", "Born To Lose", MC5's "Shakin' Street", Gun Club's "Sex Beat", "Bad Little Woman" (on the mini-lp), and "Burn My Eye". December came and they were playing "Neat Neat Neat", "Pills", "King Of The Surf" and "You're Gonna Miss Me" at the Tivoli Hotel.
HANGOVER RATING: 8 out of 10...

** tracks **
1. and stay out
2. enemies
3. in your eyes
4. imaginary world
5. human garbage
6. frozen alive
7. shadow on the sky
8. everybody's waiting
9. empty T.V.
10. this is the news
11. when she walks
12. falling on all sides
13. tooth and nail
14. hate mail
15. blaze of glory
16. fear
17. verbal abuse
18. bury me
19. sleepwalk
20. do the crunch
21. i just want my fun
22. it's just a matter of time
23. when i get off
** download link **
Covers = http://www.cover-paradies.to/
PW = hangoverhard.blogspot.com


Robert.Johnsson said...

Great Share:)

I only got the "Nest of Vipers" from Greasy Pop and from Big Time.

Very nice ThX


Anonymous said...

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